R Introduction: SPH Workshop

This workshop covers R basics from learning about RStudio architecture to creating your own graphs with ggplot.


  1. Slides  Introduction
  2. CSV file – Movie_metadata.csv (IU BOX)
  3. R script – intro.r (IU BOX)
  4. R script – plotting.r   (IU BOX)

Workshop: Data Visualization for Corpus Linguistics via Shiny Framework

“The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures”
(Ben Schneidermen, 1999)

Information visualization affords new opportunities for corpus linguistics. In addition to interpretable data synthesis (Keim et al., 2006), visualization allows researchers to unveil linguistic patterns through data exploration and discovery. Until recently, the full integration of visual analytics into corpus tools was not feasible. For example, web-based corpora (e.g., COCA and BNC) were limited to pre-defined text collections and functionalities, whereas software applications were mainly built for a specific purpose (e.g., AntConc – concordances, TigerSearch – syntactic query). The recent development of Shiny web framework makes it possible to integrate visualization tools into the corpus analysis. Shiny is a reactive system allowing for interactive data analysis and visualization. Built with R, Shiny web framework also provides access to advanced text mining and quantitative algorithms, thus advancing corpus linguistics studies. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of reactive web framework and visual analytics for corpus analysis.

Workshop Materials:

Additional Sources:


Venue: Corpora2017 Conference at Saint Petersburg Russia, June 27-30, 2017

Acknowledgment: this workshop is partially sponsored by Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center

Shiny Web Application – Workshop

“The impact of data scientists’ work depends on how well others can understand their insights to take further actions” (blog)

In this workshop, I will introduce you to the concept of Declarative Reactive Web Frameworks, allowing for interactive user-friendly data visualization and data analytics, particularly Shiny. Shiny is an R package that creates interactive applications for data visualization.

You will learn some Shiny basics: how to build your reactive app and deploy it to the server.

Workshop materials:

  1. R installation Instructions – slides
  2. CSV file –  download
  3. Workshop Slides – slides
  4. Shiny Workshop Files: zip file
  5. Video of the workshop: youtube

Credits: Some ideas are based on the great tutorial by Dean Attali.

Interactive Text Mining Suite – Version 2 Release

ITMS – Interactive Text Mining Suite ITMS is a web application for text analysis. This application offers the computational and statistical power of R and the Shiny web application interactivity.

The new release includes the following features:

  • Import Zotero rdf files, Google Book API, json and xml
  • Dynamic preprocessing  steps
  • Stemming in multiple languages
  • Tuning parameters for cluster classification
  • Word cloud comparison
  • Word cloud customization
  • Metadata extraction


Contributors: Jefferson Davis, Irina Trapido and Jay Lee

As always, please do not hesitate to contact if you have any issues or to request new features!